Nov. 4th, 2009


Nov. 4th, 2009 06:02 pm
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We need some sort of plan. I am quite sick of watching this group of able-bodied individuals laze around all day like useless louts. I'd like some sort of a solution soon. Perhaps Sephiroth will only front when he's talking to someone or at work? Zax has been out more often the past week or so. That's a start. And Razputin.

Fayt and I will do our part, too. I'm sure I can convince Nein to pitch in here and there. We'll see if this improves the health of the group and make adjustments as needed.

I'd also like to compile some music that isn't so revoltingly sentimental. I want something to listen to out front just as much as anybody. And really now... Coldplay, Sephiroth? Give me a break.

I would imagine this change will cause a bit of havoc with our communication. We'll manage somehow, I'm sure.

Fayt and I played Legend of Mana with Zax for a while. I want to play the Dragoon arc, but Zax is insisting we go through the Jumi arc first. I suspect either he or Sephiroth has a crush on the main Jumi protagonist Elazul.

Ah well. if the game holds my interest long enough to attempt the New Game + I'll play the dragoon arc and the faerie arc with Fayt.


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