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persona_system ([personal profile] persona_system) wrote2010-03-07 03:54 am
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Projectile Grossness (TMI)

I'm not going to put this behind a cut, because, really, it's vomit. Everyone deals with it sometimes.

Yes, for the first time ever we could not make it to the toilet before we puked. In fact, I barely managed to haul ass out of bed and off our area rug before everything came back up. In the dark, all over our shoes and socks. Lovely.

I don't want to risk going back to bed. We still feel nauseous, even after spending an hour cleaning up our floor....

(Five min later)

Yep, I was right. Type that line and had to run straight to the can. Well, I think that was pretty much the rest of our stomach. I got to the nasty solid bits that time, the first time it was just noodles. Wasn't so bad though, we had some chocolate cookies for dessert and those came up last, counteracting the acid taste. Fantastic.

Note to Self: Make those cookies next time we're sick.

I'm still feeling jittery. The body's not quite nauseous anymore, but I don't know if that will last. I have a feeling we got sick from one of the customers today, since they were ALL covered in snot, and we did quite a few kids. We've got the cold chills and clamminess of a fever, just not the spiked temperature, yet. Although we might actually be mildly feverish, but I can't check our temp since I'm drinking water.

We should have to go to the event tomorrow, but I don't think we will. I told our mother to set her alarm so that she could get up early enough to go for us. I managed to make a fair bit of cash today, and I even pocketed a bit of it, so we're good for this weekend, really. I don't want to go to work anyway, I'm beat.

Anyway, I don't know what else to talk about, unless I go into more gross TMI, so, this is Sephiroth, dealing with crap. See ya.