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A recap:

We spent the week busting our asses cleaning the house. The body's paternal grandmother arrived on Thursday. We spent Friday working and prepping for Paris Pumpkin Fest on Saturday, and we put the dogs in the kennel for the weekend. Saturday we worked from dawn to dusk at the busiest facepainting event of the year. Today we drove all the way to Denton to check out a potential event, looked at some pictures our grandmother took in Russia, and then she went back to the hotel.

Our father's driving her to the airport tomorrow morning, and we'll be picking up the dogs from the vet kennel with our mother, so this is the last we'll see of her for a while.

I'm glad.

Glad it's over, glad the house is in good shape, glad we don't have a big event next weekend we have to prep for, glad she's gone.

This visit was pretty uncomfortable for us. Thankfully we managed to avoid a lot of grilling by diverting her attention to our father, but it was still rough. Most everyone in the system that cares about our situation, and especially those of us who have been around a long time, bear a bit of ill will towards her. And, for me n Seph and Ender in particular, we're all really bitter. I hate to say it, but it's true.

She's very ditzy. She doesn't listen. And because she doesn't listen she's really infuriating to talk to. And she can be fucking insulting. She's so hoity toity that her perception of how easy or difficult certain tasks are for us mere mortals is really skewed.

Like, this is about verbatim a normal conversation with her.

A: We're going to Denton to visit Trade Days USA.
Her: Oh, is that a trade days?
A: Yes, Trade Days USA. I told you about it this morning.
H: And this is where?
A: In Denton.
H: Wait, I thought we were going to a trades day?
A: Yes, we're going to Trade Days USA, which is in the city of Denton.
H: So what are we going to do in... Where did you say it was? 
A: Denton.
H: I thought we were going to this trade days place?

I'm not exhagerating.

And she really insulted Seph at dinner tonight. Oh man, she insulted the whole fucking family. She asked why we or our father couldn't get another job. Fair question. We explained that our hours wouldn't accomodate it, and that we both work about 50 hours a week as it is. I know to an outside observer it might not seem like that much, but it adds up pretty quick. So she asked why we couldn't get anything part time. We explained again. Oh, well couldn't we just get a temp position? No, we can't, there are only so many hours in a day. But surely we could get a temp job or something part-time... I mean, we have just sooo much time off that we aren't doing anything...

Yeah, Seph was fucking PISSED. Our father was, too, because of course the implication was "if you would just get off your ass and get a second job, you'd have more money." No shit we'd have more money, if we could somehow hop in our time machine and have more hours in the day to be scheduling in work somewhere. And Seph works really fucking hard at his job. I mean, we all do, but he's our 'work' guy. Plus, he just likes being in control of our lives.

And she was basically like... Dismissing the work we already do, like 'oh that's so easy peasy! Just drive on over to McDonalds and apply for more!' Like she didn't just watch all three of us work a fucking 20 hour day. Like she didn't just help us keep our water fresh and sponges stocked while we worked non-fucking-stop for eight hours straight. And like we don't spend hours every day as it is, prepping product and researching events and makeup techniques and painstakingly prepping new pictures for the sign and new graphics and shit for the business. You know, we just sit on our ass so much after those thirty, forty, fifty hour weekends.

Okay, it pissed me off, too. But Seph was bent about it.

Anyway, didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. But that was our weekend. Glad it's over. We made good money at Paris.

I love you, Violet.


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