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Hoping none of the ranchers we know back home are among those affected. This is a terrible thing, and I hope they find the culprits and can return the cattle to their rightful owners.
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We rang in the New Year with a raging fire and the smell of gun powder on the wind. I feel like there's something ironic about Seph's birthday being January 1st. Partially it's because he is someone who clings desperately to the past. He carved a childhood for himself in between lab visits and the days spent marching across Wutai, and those moments he made, they're special to him. Another year gone by is another year carrying him further from those things.

There's also some dark humor to him being at these bonfire parties on his birthday. The smell of burning wood, and the flames lapping against the sky... When I see them, all I see is Nibelheim superimposed across my vision. I know that's all Seph sees too. The fire. And the fireworks going off like missles, whistling all around us. Tonight I kept looking through the crowd, feeling like Seph wasn't standing in our headspace, but was standing there, next to us, and if I just looked around I would see him. See him with his hair streaming out like a banner in the flames.

It's unnerving.

The drive home felt like an eternity. It rained today, and then froze tonight, and the moon was out. It looked like a Robert Frost poem, as I peered out through the glass. Everything was grey and stark black against the sky. i feel like the world has come crashing down on my shoulders, all its weight, pushing me into the ground, and I don't know why. Why do I feel that way?

Seph, I'm thinking of you. Happy Birthday.

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The end of the  year is approaching, which means we're halfway through the slowest season. In a few months we'll be back to making money. January (and probably February too) are going to be pretty slow. We've been talking as a system, and we've decided that this will be a good time to get into a schedule and work towards our goals.

1. Organizing our life
We're in this together. I think we're already a fair way there, mostly because we have nothing to organize. But we'd all like it to be better. Now the room is cleaned and (fairly) neat. Anything else we do with it will be simple rearranging of where things are stored, and buying/finding/making more logical storage for some things. We also need to organize our computer related stuff. That's really the biggest thing. Yesterday we started transferring our passwords/other info to a single book. We actually have a password book, but we started it in elementary school (actually it was started a few years before Seph and me even arrived here) so much of it is either obsolete or woefully out-of-date/useless. The laptop is in complete disarray. We've been working on that on and off, but someone (probably Nagi) will need to buckle down and get it cleared out.

2. Weight Loss and Minding our Health
Obviously we could stand to lose a pretty significant amount of weight. Seph managed to drag the system all around the front a couple weeks ago, and made everyone take a good long look in the mirror. I'll say this. We carry weight well. For being as heavy as we are, we don't have a bunch of unsightly bulges and the job keeps us in okay shape. We see women every day who weight much less and look much worse. But that doesn't mean any of us are HAPPY with our weight. I'd say most of us are pretty disgusted that we let it ever get this bad in the first place. Obviously, that's not a blame game we're willing to play. It happened when we were a) deeply depressed and b) pretty much stuck eating nothing but restaurant food. But, it happened, and it's not where we want to be. We lost about 20 pounds last year, I'd like to lose at least another 30 this year, but I think we could manage 50 easily with some minor lifestyle changes. Since we're in the winter months right now, this is a good time to make those changes, since we have time. Minding our health just means, brushing our teeth as much as we should, eating well, etc.

3. Reading More

This is difficult, because we desperately need a new pair of glasses, but if we replace the ones we have we'll either need to get the polarized lenses again or we'll need a regular pair and a sunglass pair. Either way it'll run about $350-$400 for the perscription/appointment and our damn lenses. It means we're limited to reading larger print books (we can manage Harry Potter, for example, all day) or reading small print books in shorter settings, which isn't really the most effecient way to read. Seph discovered he can get through a book only a little slower than normal if he sits at the computer desk and periodically switches from reading the book to reading on the screen and back again. Our Amazon Wishlist has grown out-of-bounds, though, and we really need to start working through it. Some of us love reading, after all. (Not me, I can't sit still)

4. Bringing more Happiness into our Life
This means, reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying the things that make us happy, rediscovering hobbies, being more active in the online communities we enjoy, drawing more (we're going to try and pick up non-digital mediums again), finding clothing we enjoy, and living a life that's positive rather than fearful. This will probably mean a bit of a changeroo in who's fronting. Sorry Seph, you won't be fronting 24/7 any more. :)

Anywho, I guess that's the most of it.
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Feeling pretty crap. Hopefully it clears up a bit before we have to cook on Christmas.

Christmas/Christmas Eve is when Zax and I really hit it off with Violet. We've been sort of considering it our unofficial anniversary, because there isn't really date where we became an official couple. So, here's a public anniversary to you.

This is going to sound totally cheesy, (but probably not as cheesy as their real anniversary gift will be) but I found this song not too long ago and I think it pretty much sums up my personal feelings both when we first met you, love, and my feelings now heading into the end of our first year together. I think we've linked you this song already, right? Because we can't get it out of our head. ;)

It's the season of grace coming out of the void,
Where a man is saved by a voice in the distance.
It's the season of possible miracle cures,
Where hope is currency, and death is not the last unknown,
Where time begins to fade
And age is welcome home.

It's the season of eyes meeting over the noise,
And holding fast with sharp realization.
It's the season of cold making warmth a divine intervention.
You are safe here, you know now.

Don't forget.
Don't forget I love
I love
I love you.

It's the season of scars and of wounds in the heart,
Of feeling the full weight of our burdens.
It's the season of bowing our heads in the wind,
And knowing we are not alone in fear,
Not alone in the dark.

Don't forget.
Don't forget I love
I love
I love you.
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And chores. Our to-do list today is a mile long, but none of it HAS to get done today. Seph ordered some BPAL samplers the other day, and I'm hoping they arrive soon because we're all itching to check them out. He got, if I remember correctly...

Lightning - For seph
Tempest - For Nagi
Antony - For me n Fayt and Albel
Cathedral - For Farf
Moscow - For Raz (And also Lena and Nein, probably)
Niflheim - For Ender and anyone else who likes it

We've been thinking for a long time about picking out some scents for all of us. I think this is a good start. I wish they offered samples of all of their products, because there are a lot that we'd love to check out, but can't because $15 a vial is a lot of damn money.

Other than that, we've been mostly enjoying two weeks without much work. We're heading into the winter months, which means events are going to get more scarce, but they're also going to suck a lot more because it'll be cold. We're really pushing our stuff as "great for Christmas" though, so hopefully we'll do well this season.

Schuldig and Farf fronted for a bit yesterday, with Nagi and Crawford co-fronting. Schuldig got about halfway through writing a post, but then we had to go out and he deleted it. Seph's been prodding everyone else to get out a little more, and I think maybe his nagging is starting to work. Actually, I think a big part of what's helping was our grandmother showing those pictures from her trips. That and the changing of seasons and some general changes in our goals and things.

I have to say, it's nice to be around the front without Seph's anxiety issues clouding things. Don't get me wrong, i love my Sephy and he's an awesome guy, but he's not the most mentally healthy person, and I think the body magnifies that. Having Fayt and Albel, or Schwarz, or our Psychonauts front occassionally is pretty sweet.

Anyway, thought I should post a bit. Prove that I'm around. Take care everyone.
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A recap:

We spent the week busting our asses cleaning the house. The body's paternal grandmother arrived on Thursday. We spent Friday working and prepping for Paris Pumpkin Fest on Saturday, and we put the dogs in the kennel for the weekend. Saturday we worked from dawn to dusk at the busiest facepainting event of the year. Today we drove all the way to Denton to check out a potential event, looked at some pictures our grandmother took in Russia, and then she went back to the hotel.

Our father's driving her to the airport tomorrow morning, and we'll be picking up the dogs from the vet kennel with our mother, so this is the last we'll see of her for a while.

I'm glad.

Glad it's over, glad the house is in good shape, glad we don't have a big event next weekend we have to prep for, glad she's gone.

This visit was pretty uncomfortable for us. Thankfully we managed to avoid a lot of grilling by diverting her attention to our father, but it was still rough. Most everyone in the system that cares about our situation, and especially those of us who have been around a long time, bear a bit of ill will towards her. And, for me n Seph and Ender in particular, we're all really bitter. I hate to say it, but it's true.

She's very ditzy. She doesn't listen. And because she doesn't listen she's really infuriating to talk to. And she can be fucking insulting. She's so hoity toity that her perception of how easy or difficult certain tasks are for us mere mortals is really skewed.

Like, this is about verbatim a normal conversation with her.

A: We're going to Denton to visit Trade Days USA.
Her: Oh, is that a trade days?
A: Yes, Trade Days USA. I told you about it this morning.
H: And this is where?
A: In Denton.
H: Wait, I thought we were going to a trades day?
A: Yes, we're going to Trade Days USA, which is in the city of Denton.
H: So what are we going to do in... Where did you say it was? 
A: Denton.
H: I thought we were going to this trade days place?

I'm not exhagerating.

And she really insulted Seph at dinner tonight. Oh man, she insulted the whole fucking family. She asked why we or our father couldn't get another job. Fair question. We explained that our hours wouldn't accomodate it, and that we both work about 50 hours a week as it is. I know to an outside observer it might not seem like that much, but it adds up pretty quick. So she asked why we couldn't get anything part time. We explained again. Oh, well couldn't we just get a temp position? No, we can't, there are only so many hours in a day. But surely we could get a temp job or something part-time... I mean, we have just sooo much time off that we aren't doing anything...

Yeah, Seph was fucking PISSED. Our father was, too, because of course the implication was "if you would just get off your ass and get a second job, you'd have more money." No shit we'd have more money, if we could somehow hop in our time machine and have more hours in the day to be scheduling in work somewhere. And Seph works really fucking hard at his job. I mean, we all do, but he's our 'work' guy. Plus, he just likes being in control of our lives.

And she was basically like... Dismissing the work we already do, like 'oh that's so easy peasy! Just drive on over to McDonalds and apply for more!' Like she didn't just watch all three of us work a fucking 20 hour day. Like she didn't just help us keep our water fresh and sponges stocked while we worked non-fucking-stop for eight hours straight. And like we don't spend hours every day as it is, prepping product and researching events and makeup techniques and painstakingly prepping new pictures for the sign and new graphics and shit for the business. You know, we just sit on our ass so much after those thirty, forty, fifty hour weekends.

Okay, it pissed me off, too. But Seph was bent about it.

Anyway, didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. But that was our weekend. Glad it's over. We made good money at Paris.

I love you, Violet.
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Okay, okay, so we don't really have to clean the ENTIRE rest of the house. Some of it's already done! Like, the kitchen. Most of the way there. The livingroom, too. I dunno WHAT we're gonna do about the dining room where all the business stuff is. I guess it doesn't matter so much, though.

So today we're gonna be working on busting the rest of the house out. Our G-ma arrives tomorrow, I think mid-morning or something. So we've gotta get this shit DONE. On the plus side, the floors will be a little muddy 'cause it's raining today, so we won't have to do some sort of massive scrub job on them. What's the point when the dogs are just going to muck them up every time they come in anyway?

Anywho, I was supposed to send a letter to my boyfriend last night but I didn't. Sorry about that, babe. I sat down to write it and just like vapor-locked. Couldn't remember what I was gonna write, couldn't think of what to write.

Anyway, gotta lot of work to do today. I'm gonna put our to-do list down and update it as the day goes on over on our LJ.

Living Room
  • Vacuum throw pillows
  • Vacuum and wash both sofas
  • Cover sofas
  • Finish tidying up

  • Clean stove
  • Scrub and mop floor
  • Wash trashcan
  • Dishes and counters

  • Dust pictures

  • Dust light, walls, shelf, pics
  • New shower curtain
  • Wash sink, tub, toilet
  • Scrub floor
  • Tidy up



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Today's the big day. The day we're tackling The Room. In capitals. Fayt, Raz, and Nagi got started this morning and got about halfway through, and now Zax and I are taking over. Well, we took over, and now I'm trying to get someone else to volunteer to finish the job. What a pain in the ass this is. I think I'm going to clear the floor in a few minutes and un-roll our rug. That'll give me something to kneel on while I sort and vacuum. But, it needs to be thoroughly vacuumed, too, so... We'll see.

Anyway, the body has a killer headache and we've got hours more work in here. At least it'll be done and clean. We'll be able to actually USE our room. I'm probably going to rearrange a bit, too, once all the junk is cleared out and put away.

Zax and I are thinking of you, Strife. Love you!


Zax says: This is such a hassle. Why does she have to come days before one of the busiest events of the year?

Looking In

Jun. 29th, 2009 04:03 am
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Summary: Angeal would like to know: when did this happen? S/Z
Rating: pg-13 for homosexual undertones
A/N: This is a quick short fic that Angeal whipped up as a present for us. It hasn't been proofread, so if you see any errors in spelling or grammar, please let us know.

Looking In )

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Because we normally do our drabbles all mixed together in several large word documents I'm not really sure if these three scenes were intended to be together or separate anymore. None the less I thought I might as well post them. These haven't been beta'd and they've only been given the roughest proofread by us, so if you spot any mistakes feel free to point them out.

Rating: pg-13 for some language and sexual themes

Zack+Seph drabble scenes )
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Summary: Sephiroth and Zax have a long walk back to base.
Rating: pg-13 for some language
A/N: Okay, I had an absolute blast working on this. It's unbeta'd.

Welcome to the Jungle )

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Okay, I got in big trouble with Seph last night. I went ahead and finished our DW account.  Yeah... Even though he said 'not until monday'. I didn't have anything else to do, and I waaanted to. Today I'm gonna go ahead and move some of our fic over.

Crossposting this entry just to test the feature. 

Anywho, hope ya'll are good. We have work this weekend, so we're gonna be uber busy today and we might not post a real entry until next week. Take care guys!


Tweak says, "DETENTION, Potter!"
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Sephiroth - Winter
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Zaxali Donovan Fair (Zax) - Penumbra Dog
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Angeal Hewley - Gilded Halcyon
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Genesis Rhapsodos - Atrocity of Sunsets
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Farfarello (Jei McKinnon) - The Gathered
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Nagi Naoe - Universe Disturbed
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Schuldig - Man in Paisley
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Brad Crawford - Coffee with Cream
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Fayt Leingod - Azure Destruction
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Albel Dekelsar Nox - Crimson Scourge
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Ender Wiggin - Omega
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Specimen Code: Alleluia Zero (00) - Alleluia
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Sasha Nein - Operator Verboten
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Razputin (Aquato) Aliyev - The Hippodrome Sleuth
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Harry (Fucking) Potter - Snake Charmer
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Hachune Miku - Vocaloid
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