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First off, WOW. I mean WOW. Most sci fi movies are cheesy in some way. Bad acting, bad science, bad special fx, overwrought morality... Not this movie. Of course, it was produced by Peter Jackson, so that might be why it's a cut above the rest! ;)

The premise:
20 years ago an alien ship came to rest over Johannesburg. The aliens were taken out of the ship and put up in a temporary containment camp. Present day, a slum has grown up where this camp used to be, populated by 1.5 million "Prawns". The people of Johannesburg are demanding the removal of the District 9, the prawn slum, so the weapon's manufacturing mega-corp MNU steps in to move the prawns to a new location.

I can't really give you the main themes of this movie. It was all over the place, which is sometimes a bad thing, and sometimes a great thing. In this movie, it's a great thing. Discrimination is terrible, people are inhuman, love overcomes all obstacles, sometimes you just have to believe in yourself, etc.... But really this is a movie about discrimination. And explosions. 




This is definitely a movie I plan to own! There were two previews that interested me, too. Surrogate and Zombieland. I'll be looking forward to seeing those!

Looking In

Jun. 29th, 2009 04:03 am
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Summary: Angeal would like to know: when did this happen? S/Z
Rating: pg-13 for homosexual undertones
A/N: This is a quick short fic that Angeal whipped up as a present for us. It hasn't been proofread, so if you see any errors in spelling or grammar, please let us know.

Looking In )

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And I want to talk, so... I guess I'll post this there later. Or... If IJ is back up by the time I'm done writing, I'll crosspost it.

We ordered some books last night. Well, Ender did. He ordered an Algebra book, Geometry... Physics, Chem, and Biology. He said he and I (and Farf and Nagi, if they want) are going to do our old memorization trick, and basically memorize the books and the theories. It shouldn't take us more than a few months to get through those books, and after that Ender wants to start getting us into some more advanced Physics and Chem, and more advanced math.

Now, onto my daily panic attack. :\ You can skip this if you like.

I hate waking up to an inbox full of responses. Or, I used to. It used to be just a hassle to sort through them. Now it's like... It's like even one response and I panic unless I know before hand what it is. If it's to a meme or something, it's fine. But once I start talking about anything more serious it's like... I can help but feel everyone's going to yell at me. It doesn't matter what the topic is, either.

I didn't used to be like this. Not at all. I'd debate for hours on devArt. But now... Now it's so bad, sometimes I'm afraid to even post in our journals anywhere. And I hate the fear, because it makes me feel so irrational. I start thinking things like "Why is so-and-so even friends with me? All they ever do is lecture me!" even though I know logically that's not true at all. In fact, so-and-so might never have lectured me or been mad at me or anything of the sort. But it doesn't feel like that.

And even when people are agreeing with me, it always feels like they're saying "you might be right this time, but you're still a stupid kid." And it's the stupid kid part that hurts, even though I don't think it's really there. But that's the thing, I don't KNOW what they're thinking. I don't get the inflection or anything at all, and so it all just feels like an attack, or sarcasm, or something.

It only makes it worse that we don't get a lot of comments. I think... Zax says I'm not used to talking to people anymore. I think he's right. I mean, our journals are always pretty dead, so when we get any comment at all it's a big deal for us, but then it's like... Like panic. Like, "why is this person talking to me?" or... or I don't know.

Anyway, I'm NOT saying don't ever comment. Just that... Well, I'm just trying to make myself feel better by talking about this, you know? And I'm trying really hard to rationalize out of it.

I think... I think the problem is... It's that, normally when people get into drama online, they say things like "it's just online. It doesn't affect ME at all" to sort of rationalize the hurt and the stress away. But we can't do that at all, because online is all we have. So for us, anything online is just magnified. It's like logging on is like going to school, and all our flist and the people on the communities everywhere are the other students that are our friends, or sometimes not really our friends, and the older people on our flists are like our teachers almost or something.

I don't know...
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Because we normally do our drabbles all mixed together in several large word documents I'm not really sure if these three scenes were intended to be together or separate anymore. None the less I thought I might as well post them. These haven't been beta'd and they've only been given the roughest proofread by us, so if you spot any mistakes feel free to point them out.

Rating: pg-13 for some language and sexual themes

Zack+Seph drabble scenes )
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Because so many people have been adding us. First off, this is primarily a journal for our art and fiction. We have quite a bit of drabble nonsense and unfinished chaptered fics lurking around on our computer, and we figured someone might like to check that kind of think out. Our main home is on IJ though. If you have an account over there please feel welcome to add us. One of our members, Farfarello, also has an account on LJ that we use for commenting on LJ-multiplicity occassionally. You might have seen us around. His handle is thegathered.

You can also find us on several pet sites.

Anyway, my name is Sephiroth, and it's a pleasure to meet you all.
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Summary: Sephiroth and Zax have a long walk back to base.
Rating: pg-13 for some language
A/N: Okay, I had an absolute blast working on this. It's unbeta'd.

Welcome to the Jungle )

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Sephiroth - Winter
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Zaxali Donovan Fair (Zax) - Penumbra Dog
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Angeal Hewley - Gilded Halcyon
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Genesis Rhapsodos - Atrocity of Sunsets
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Farfarello (Jei McKinnon) - The Gathered
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Nagi Naoe - Universe Disturbed
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Schuldig - Man in Paisley
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Brad Crawford - Coffee with Cream
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Fayt Leingod - Azure Destruction
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Albel Dekelsar Nox - Crimson Scourge
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Ender Wiggin - Omega
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Specimen Code: Alleluia Zero (00) - Alleluia
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Sasha Nein - Operator Verboten
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Razputin (Aquato) Aliyev - The Hippodrome Sleuth
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Harry (Fucking) Potter - Snake Charmer
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Hachune Miku - Vocaloid
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