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I know there's a few of you on the flist. I stumbled across this earlier today on LJ's weepingcock comm, and I figured you guys would appreciate it. How to Write Badly Well. Pass it on to all your fic writing friends. :)

-Raz, The Psychonaut
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Hoorah! Today is the first (technically second!) day of our ACHIEVEMENT CHALLENGE!


For those of you not in the know, Sephiroth got together with the rest of the system and thought up a system of Achievements/Accomplishments for us to complete in our daily lives. We based this system off the ones you can find in many modern video games. There are easy internet achievements (like make a certain number of polyvore prompted sets), journal challenges, and even real life accomplishments like studying a certain number of hours a day and losing x amount of pounds!

After a lot of soul-searching and grilling everybody in the system for about a gajillion hours we all sort of came to the same conclusion. We aren't as productive as we could be, and a big part of that non-productivity isn't pure laziness. Instead it's a combination of lack of motivation (Pavlov <3, we won't get a reward), a feeling of constant failure (we never succeed so why bother trying), and negative associations with certain tasks we enjoy like drawing or playing the piano.

Yesterday we took the first steps to two of the easiest accomplishments on the list, and today we're starting on a couple of the more difficult challenges.

Wish us luck!


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