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We had a large storm last week. It's been cool since then. Well, cool is relative, but it's been hovering in the eighties and nineties. I'm sure there will be days where it is once again sweltering, but I hope those days are few and limited to when we're not working outdoors.

Sephiroth was fronting earlier today. He dressed us in handed down clothes from our mother. Spedifically, an outfit she bought more than fifteen years ago. It doesn't fit her any longer, and she came across it when she was digging through her closet. It is a long swishy skirt, navy blue with an all over flower print, and a dark green tanktop. It is rather transporting. It is the sort of thing we would wear on a vacation, or perhaps on the ranch. Cheap durable clothing that is a bit feminine. I'm thankful most of us don't have a problem with the female body. It makes things easier.

I think in a few minutes I will finish clearing off the desk. There isn't much left to do. Just some general trash pickup and sorting through what's left of the stuff. 

I think more and more we are deciding as a whole what we'd like to do with our lives, and where we'd like to be in five years, ten years, etc. Although the means to the end each individual may choose are very different, there are unifying themes and things we can all agree upon. Obviously we cannot please all people all the time, but I think we can please most of us at least part of the time, and that is perhaps good enough. After all, what person is completely happy with every aspect of their life? None, I'm sure. Even Mother Theresa had doubts and unhappiness.

I spoke of things that are universal in our system. We all want to go to college. I think that is really the first step in the process. We already have the plans laid out, and we're already working towards implementing them. There are things and plans beyond that, but for now they are for our ears only. I suspect they will remain that way for some time.

There are other, smaller things we want to work towards. Sephiroth wants to start playing the piano again. He wants to do this for himself, and we're all fine with that. The piano needs to be tuned before October anyway. He's rusty. And music is something that will be with us forever.

Weight loss is also equally important for a variety of reasons. I think even beyond health is the sentiment that we're tired of being the ugly girl. We work with children, and it is heartbreaking to meet all of the wonderful girls who for whatever reason are going to be "the ugly girl".

But I suppose all of this is just rambling. Hm, I guess most of you don't normally get to see the Nagi behind the cuteness, eh? Welcome to my thoughts. (^_^)

The windows are open to let in the cool evening breeze, and I have work to do. At the risk of sounding creepy, it's time to bring some "healthy energy" into our room. (Yes, VS, you know what that's a reference too.)


PS: I wish there was a mood icon for "serene". Calm doens't do my mood justice.


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