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System stress. When it carries over to the body it gets on my nerves. I don't know how Seph and Zax handle this crap, really. I mean, stress headaches, tension, stiffness, nausea.

At least that main cause of the stress has gone away (thanks, Sel). Now we're just mopping up the last little remainders.

I think I'm going to do a bit of housecleaning on the computer tonight. We fell off the boat with it a bit the past two weeks, and I don't want us falling behind. We used to make it a tradition to go through all the pictures and stuff at least once a week. Put on some music and clean up all the scattered files, run a defrag, etc. I guess we just got out of the habit with it when we moved. We weren't using our own computer, so everything had to fit in just a couple of folders. Nothing to clean up. Never got back in the habit.

Maybe I can get Nagi out here. Or Nein. They're both into organizing. Ugh, stupid headache. ... First World Problems, system guys. Seriously. Figure your issues out.

We need to go clothes shopping like woah. We've got a lot of work coming up really fast. Raz, I know you could sell jewelry dressed in a paper sack, but the rest of us aren't going to be comfortable until we look like not-a-hobo. Sephiroth, maybe part of the reason you're depressed all the time is your music is so fucking depressing. Goddamn man, start listening to some Metallica or something, seriously.

So, yeah, get some better clothes, get some better music. I think I'm going to take us shopping for something this weekend. Sephiroth, it's not going to undermine your big savings plan to spend a little money on something for us. Besides, you know if this year is anything like last year we'll soon have more cash than we know what to do with.

Also, guys, whoever's up for the task, we need to research to find some new events, and get the current event schedule. We'll probably be paying for Sandbass and Magnolia, at this rate, so we need to know how much we're gonna have to spring for those. Deadlines are looming. Also, check into Potts Peanut and that Jazz Fest.

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Sephiroth - Winter
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Zaxali Donovan Fair (Zax) - Penumbra Dog
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Angeal Hewley - Gilded Halcyon
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Genesis Rhapsodos - Atrocity of Sunsets
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Farfarello (Jei McKinnon) - The Gathered
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Nagi Naoe - Universe Disturbed
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Schuldig - Man in Paisley
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Brad Crawford - Coffee with Cream
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Fayt Leingod - Azure Destruction
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Albel Dekelsar Nox - Crimson Scourge
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Ender Wiggin - Omega
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Specimen Code: Alleluia Zero (00) - Alleluia
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Sasha Nein - Operator Verboten
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Razputin (Aquato) Aliyev - The Hippodrome Sleuth
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Harry (Fucking) Potter - Snake Charmer
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Hachune Miku - Vocaloid
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