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Jan. 24th, 2010 03:15 pm
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1) Do you have a relationship with someone in your System?
We have a few... I've been involved with Zax since long before we both arrived here. Our relationship was pretty rocky way back when, but now that we don't have endless amounts of work-related stress we've managed to find a comfortable routine.

Fayt and Albel. Ender and Bean. And then there's the Schwarz dynamic. Lena and Angeal have been flirting the last few times she's visited, but no idea how that will turn out. Raz is our youngest member, and he's had a crush on pretty much all of us at this point, I think.

2) If so, how does that effect the dynamics?
It just kind of is the dynamics. I guess when Bean arrived it changed things a little bit, but not much. He basically just picks up the slack sometimes for Ender and hangs around being crotchety.

Zax and I present as a package deal to the outside world, but inside we spend probably half our time doing our own thing. Zax is way more sociable than I, so he spends a lot of time hanging out with Fayt, Albel, Raz, etc.

3) Does someone other then the bioself have a relationship with someone outside of the System?
Zax and I are involved with a Cloud from another system. Ender is now involved with another member of that same system.

4) How do you manage time?
Managing it has never been an issue.

5) Does the bioself have a lover?
In a sense.

6) How does this lover handle the bioself's multiplicity/plurality?
They're multiple, too. Our systems are pretty different in terms of structure and dynamic, but so far we've worked things out.

7) If someone in your System is a fictive/Soulbond (whatever your preferred label) and that person's canon involves a romantic relationship has that crossed over to your System?
Zax was involved with Aeris briefly. I'd say he lines up fine with the original FF7 canon, but they only dated about a month and it wasn't serious at all. Fayt and Albel follow their canon pretty much exactly, including the bickering and exploring from the game ending. Potter used to be involved with (ex-wife) Ginny, had the same three kids mentioned at the end of the book (Albus Severus, James Sirius, and Lily Luna), etc. but his daughter was killed and his relationship with his oldest son became incredibly rocky after the divorce. He's trying to find a way to safely let his younger son travel here to visit.

8) If so, is the romantic interest in your System? If not, how is contact made, if any?
Well, none of us have romantic partners 'back home' anymore. To travel to the system, we have to die first. This fact is a carefully maintained secret in our group, because some members don't remember their deaths, and it's better for security reasons that they never find out.

As far as I know, I'm the only person who's managed to travel back out of the system. Back In The Day, when I was still fighting, I was technically dead and in the lifestream, which let me freely travel back and forth. Now I'm no longer in the lifestream back home, so the most recent time I traveled back I had to die in our headspace to manage it. I'm not sure why this is necessary. Schuldig said it probably is for the same reason that very few people from their canon can teleport. So long as the mind exists, the form cannot move without it. Teleporters, and psychokinetics like Nagi, short circuit their brain in order to move.

9) If the person has canon and doesn't have a relationship that is canon, how does that effect things? Is this difficult?
So far it hasn't effected things at all. Zax is dead, I don't have canon relationships, Raz broke up from Lilli long before he died, Nein wasn't canonically involved, etc. I'd say, while we tend to differ in pretty much every other aspect, in terms of relationships we are surprisingly canon-compliant!

10) If one strays from canon, are they still that person from canon?
This implies that canon is consistent in story, characterization, etc. which is ridiculous. The Aeris from FF7 is wildly different from the Aeris in Advent Children and Crisis Core. Likewise, characters can be interpreted in different ways. Some people take Sephiroth and turn him into an unfeeling block of ice, and others turn him into a woobie. Both are canonically consistent readings of information.

But no, I am not the same person as from canon. Just like I am not the Sephiroth in any other system. However, am I a Sephiroth, with my own timeline and history? Yes.


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