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The end of the  year is approaching, which means we're halfway through the slowest season. In a few months we'll be back to making money. January (and probably February too) are going to be pretty slow. We've been talking as a system, and we've decided that this will be a good time to get into a schedule and work towards our goals.

1. Organizing our life
We're in this together. I think we're already a fair way there, mostly because we have nothing to organize. But we'd all like it to be better. Now the room is cleaned and (fairly) neat. Anything else we do with it will be simple rearranging of where things are stored, and buying/finding/making more logical storage for some things. We also need to organize our computer related stuff. That's really the biggest thing. Yesterday we started transferring our passwords/other info to a single book. We actually have a password book, but we started it in elementary school (actually it was started a few years before Seph and me even arrived here) so much of it is either obsolete or woefully out-of-date/useless. The laptop is in complete disarray. We've been working on that on and off, but someone (probably Nagi) will need to buckle down and get it cleared out.

2. Weight Loss and Minding our Health
Obviously we could stand to lose a pretty significant amount of weight. Seph managed to drag the system all around the front a couple weeks ago, and made everyone take a good long look in the mirror. I'll say this. We carry weight well. For being as heavy as we are, we don't have a bunch of unsightly bulges and the job keeps us in okay shape. We see women every day who weight much less and look much worse. But that doesn't mean any of us are HAPPY with our weight. I'd say most of us are pretty disgusted that we let it ever get this bad in the first place. Obviously, that's not a blame game we're willing to play. It happened when we were a) deeply depressed and b) pretty much stuck eating nothing but restaurant food. But, it happened, and it's not where we want to be. We lost about 20 pounds last year, I'd like to lose at least another 30 this year, but I think we could manage 50 easily with some minor lifestyle changes. Since we're in the winter months right now, this is a good time to make those changes, since we have time. Minding our health just means, brushing our teeth as much as we should, eating well, etc.

3. Reading More

This is difficult, because we desperately need a new pair of glasses, but if we replace the ones we have we'll either need to get the polarized lenses again or we'll need a regular pair and a sunglass pair. Either way it'll run about $350-$400 for the perscription/appointment and our damn lenses. It means we're limited to reading larger print books (we can manage Harry Potter, for example, all day) or reading small print books in shorter settings, which isn't really the most effecient way to read. Seph discovered he can get through a book only a little slower than normal if he sits at the computer desk and periodically switches from reading the book to reading on the screen and back again. Our Amazon Wishlist has grown out-of-bounds, though, and we really need to start working through it. Some of us love reading, after all. (Not me, I can't sit still)

4. Bringing more Happiness into our Life
This means, reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying the things that make us happy, rediscovering hobbies, being more active in the online communities we enjoy, drawing more (we're going to try and pick up non-digital mediums again), finding clothing we enjoy, and living a life that's positive rather than fearful. This will probably mean a bit of a changeroo in who's fronting. Sorry Seph, you won't be fronting 24/7 any more. :)

Anywho, I guess that's the most of it.
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