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We're back into our normal event schedule, with events every weekend. I don't know how next month looks, though. Hopefully we won't have to omuch downtime.

We're taking advantage of what might be our last free weekend in a while. We're going to go wardrobe revamping this weekend, and I have a list of about a billion things we're going to buy. We're going to make use of that gift certificate we got for Lane Bryant, too, finally. I put aside quite a bit of money for this. I'm also spring cleaning our makeup, since most of it is too old to safely use or it doesn't match our summer tan. :D

We got a large 1 1/2"  barrel curling iron last week, and I've been loving it. It doesn't do much to make our hair more curly, but it does help our hair curl in an even direction and it really cuts down on frizz. It also really helps define the natural ringlets we have on the sides of our head, which is fantastic too.

I painted our nails a few days ago, too, but I redid them today. Super sparkly pink and green for spring.  More nailpolish is on the cosmetics shopping list too, since we're out of some key colors. Nail polish REMOVER too, since i hate scraping the crap off.

Other than that I've been enjoying the weather. Spring is in full swing down here, and we'll probably only have another month of it before it starts heating up to summer temperatures.

I'm not sure if i've mentioned this on the journal yet, but we've lost 13 pounds since November. I'm pretty thrilled with that, and for the past few days we've been working on getting our room squeaky clean so we can rearrange it a bit somehow and get the DDR mat down again. I've also been basically ignoring the internet outside of "fun stuff" since the weather is so nice.

Anyway, we have like 20 comments and crap to catch up on, but I haven't been in the mood to go through them. If you're waiting for a response to something, sorry, we'll probably get to it in the next few days!


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